Covering Kids & Families Reports and Evaluations

Numerous reports and evaluations were conducted during and after the Covering Kids and Families grant project, all of which are available on the Robert Wood Johnson website.  Below are some of the reports NCKF members may find interesting and helpful to their work.

Covering Kids & Families Evaluation: A Continuing Program for Increasing Insurance Coverage Among Low-Income Families

Judith Wooldridge, Beth Stephens and Christopher Trenholm, Mathematica Policy Research and Eileen Elllis, Health Management Associates and Ian Hill, The Urban Institute, June 2010

This evaluation explores the impact of Covering Kids & Families efforts on policy and procedural improvement and examines the lasting impacts of those efforts.

Covering Kids & Families Evaluation: Synthesis of 10 Case Studies: Exploring Medicaid and SCHIP Enrollment Trends and Their Links to Policy and Practice

Judith Wooldridge, Christopher Trenholm and Angela Gerolamo, Mathematica Policy Research
April 2009

This report from the Covering Kids & Families Evaluation includes case studies from ten states about the changing enrollment trends and examines the influence of the Covering Kids & Families projects on those trends.

Covering Kids & Families: Promising Practices from the Nation’s Single Largest Effort to Insure Eligible Children and Adults Through Public Health Coverage

Southern Institute for Children and Families
April 2007

This report profiles a number of promising practices that emerged from the national Covering Kids & Families initiative from both local and statewide funded projects that further the project goals of simplification, coordination and outreach.

Lessons from Covering Kids & Families: Making Health Care a Reality for Low-Income Children and Families

Judith Woolridge, Mathematica Policy Research
February 2007

This issue brief reviews the best practices and evaluation findings from the Covering Kids & Families initiative in the areas of simplification, coordination and outreach and highlights other key ingredients to effectively enrolling more children in health coverage programs.

Covering Kids & Families Evaluation: Partnering with Schools and Providers to Expand Health Insurance Coverage to Low-Income Families

Holly Stockdale, Embry Howell and Ian Hill, Mathematica Policy Research
September 2004

This report examines successful outreach collaborations with schools and other providers that were part of the Covering Kids & Families initiative. The report analyzes the effectiveness of these outreach activities and describes why collaborating with such entities is important during difficult budget times.