Welcome to the New and Improved CCF Website and Blog

By Jocelyn Guyer

As my mom always reminded me, it not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that really counts. Last week CCF unveiled a new look but rest assured we haven’t changed on the inside.

You’ll still find insightful analysis and practical research on current health policy issues and how they impact coverage for children and families. You will just reach them in a different way.  We have curated our content under the main headings of “Affordable Care Act”, “Medicaid” and “CHIP.”  Under those main headings you will find more specific subcategories to help you drill down further.

The goal of our web redesign was to make our research and analysis more accessible. Those of you who know us well realize that our blog plays an integral role in communicating our insights on hotly debated health policy questions.   Our blog is more fully integrated into the new website so you’ll find our most current blogs front and center when you connect with us via our website. You’ll also be able to pull up blogs by various issue areas. (It’s important to note that if you read our blog through an RSS feed, you will need to renew your subscription as the blog has been moved.)

My mother also told me not to let perfect be the enemy of good and we followed that advice during this grueling web redesign process. We would welcome your input on how we can make our website and blog better. Please send us a note to childhealth @georgetown.edu.

Thanks for continuing to visit us through our website and blog.

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