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Trump Budget Poses Even More Threats to Children’s Health

Today President Trump’s budget came out and the news for children’s health coverage is devastating. In addition to assuming the enormous cuts and dangerous changes to Medicaid included in the House passed American Health Care Act (that we have blogged about many times), the President is proposing even larger cuts to Medicaid and is proposing […]

The Health 202: Obamacare Was Supposed To Make CHIP Unnecessary

The Washington Post By: Paige Winfield Cunningham President Trump is expected to today propose a hefty 20 percent cut in his budget to the Children’s Health Insurance Program, my colleagues report. Democrats will protest, but they too toyed with the idea of eliminating CHIP seven years ago when passing the Affordable Care Act. … “If you cap Medicaid, it turns into […]

Trump’s New Budget Plan Guts Medicaid. Here’s What You Need To Know

Time By: Alicia Adamczyk The Trump Administration’s 2018 budget request, unveiled Tuesday, includes deep cuts to Medicaid, the insurance program for low income, elderly, and disabled Americans. Medicaid covers nearly one in four Americans and accounts for $1 out of every $6 spent on healthcare in the country. … The Children’s Health Insurance Program, which covered more than 8.4 […]