Click on a state to view monthly “point-in-time” Medicaid and CHIP enrollment numbers for children for December 2013. You can also view the information in table format for all states and other enrollment data.

United States

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These numbers represent monthly “point-in-time” enrollment. “Point-in-time” enrollment data reflects the unduplicated number of individuals enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP at a given point-in-time, such as on the last day of a particular month. Read more about enrollment data.

Other Data

There are a number of different ways to measure the number of people enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP and depending on which strategy is used, the results can give quite different impressions of the size of these programs. “Ever enrolled” data reflect the cumulative count of unduplicated individuals enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP over a given period of time, including those enrolled for the full time period as well as those enrolled for only part of the time period.