DRAFT-Georgia’s Women of Reproductive Age Face Many Barriers to Health Care

Key Findings

  • Almost one in five women (19.3 percent) in Georgia of reproductive age (18-44) has no health insurance. This is one of the highest rates in the country (Georgia ranks 46th) and, even more notably, one of the highest rates in the deep South—where only Mississippi has a significantly higher rate (21.2 percent) of uninsured women of reproductive age.
  • Almost half (45.9 percent) of women of reproductive age who identify as Hispanic or Latina are uninsured in Georgia. American Indian/Alaska Native (35.9 percent) and Multiracial/Other (38.0 percent) women also have very high uninsured rates.
  • Like the rest of the Unites States, Georgia has much higher rates of maternal and infant mortality for Black women and babies than white women and babies.
  • Some of Georgia’s maternity care outcomes are far below the national median. The state ranks poorly on quality measures in its Medicaid program such as access to postpartum care, timeliness of prenatal care, and the percentage of babies with low birthweight.

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