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Select a state below to view information on eligibility, enrollment and renewal procedures for state Medicaid/CHIP programs for children, parents, and pregnant women in effect as of January 1, 2017.

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Latest State News

Positive Economic Effects from Louisiana’s Medicaid Expansion Provides Example for Southern States

A new report produced by Louisiana State University shows Louisiana’s decision to expand Medicaid to non-elderly adults below 138%of Federal Poverty Level (FPL) has resulted in millions in net revenue for the state. Using an economic impact analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the study finds the Medicaid expansion created 19,195 jobs and $177.8 million […]

Federal judge blocks Kentucky’s Medicaid work requirements

Vox By: Dylan Scott A federal judge blocked Kentucky’s Medicaid work requirements on Friday, ruling that the Trump administration did not adequately consider before approving the state’s proposal whether work requirements would violate the program’s purpose of providing health care to the most vulnerable Americans. … Adding to the confusion, Bevin didn’t even really need to issue […]