State Opportunities to Improve Health Care Coverage for Child Care Professionals

States are grappling with how to more effectively support their child care workforce, including ensuring providers have access to affordable health care. Just like parents, frontline early education professionals are better able to support children in their care when they are healthy. A healthy caregiver is especially important for young children because brain development in […]

Bipartisan Medicaid Expansion Efforts in North Carolina: How Politicians Formerly Opposed to Expansion Are Framing Their New Support

In a reversal of the longtime opposition of many members of their caucus, House and Senate Republicans in North Carolina have joined Democratic colleagues and shown overwhelming support for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina’s 2022 legislative session. Both chambers have passed their own Medicaid expansion bills with nearly unanimous support from both parties, although they […]

Federal Report Estimates 383,000 Losing Medicaid at End of PHE in Non-Expansion States Will Have No Affordable Options Open to Them

As part of the public health emergency declared by the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic, people who were enrolled in Medicaid in states across the country were protected from losing it through a continuous coverage provision.  The idea was to keep as many people covered as possible with comprehensive, affordable health care during the […]

South Dakota’s Journey to Medicaid Expansion: An Update 

South Dakota is still on track to close its Medicaid coverage gap. Voters in the state are set to decide whether to expand Medicaid through ballot initiative this November. Legislators opposed to expansion, recognizing the success of ballot initiatives to expand Medicaid in other states, made an attempt to prevent expansion – but this ended […]

In South Dakota, Medicaid Expansion May Be Up to Voters

In states that have not expanded Medicaid, it’s not for lack of options on how to enact expansion. States have used multiple options to expand Medicaid, including legislation, executive action, and voter-led actions. In South Dakota, ​​one of the twelve remaining states that has yet to expand Medicaid, lawmakers put forward legislation earlier this year […]