How Are States Addressing Mental Health Needs of Infants and Toddlers in Medicaid Policy? New 50-state Report

As lawmakers scramble to address the nation’s worsening mental health crisis among children, few of these efforts have focused on the unique developmental needs of children before they reach kindergarten. It’s hard to imagine an infant or toddler experiencing mental health challenges, but as ZERO TO THREE shows,10-16% of young children experience mental health conditions, […]

Medicaid Policies to Help Young Children Access Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health Services: Results from a 50-State Survey

By: Sheila Smith, Maribel R. Granja, Elisabeth Wright Burak, Kay Johnson, and Daniel Ferguson; Representing the National Center for Children in Poverty, Georgetown University Center for Children and Families, and Johnson Policy Consulting Full report available here. INTRODUCTION Young children covered by Medicaid are growing up in low-income households and are more likely to experience […]

Medicaid Funding for Home Visiting: Time to Scale What Works for Young Children and Families

As more states adopt Medicaid’s postpartum extension, making health coverage work for postpartum people and their newborns requires dedicated attention by states on the best ways to ensure mom and child get the right care at the right time.  One popular, evidence-based intervention for young families is home visiting. The approach typically includes some combination […]