Politics and Policy in Washington: Potential Impacts on Enrollment, Simplification and Coordination of Children’s Coverage

September 13, 2011

As Washington does what it does best – play politics and propose policy – what impacts will there be on children’s coverage? Recent proposed regulations on eligibility and enrollment in Medicaid, CHIP and the Exchanges have significant implications for outreach, simplification and coordination of children’s coverage as we approach 2014.  All the while, the nation’s process for addressing the deficit poses threats to these critical insurance affordability programs. Join us for a webinar to hear more about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Friends from the Georgetown Center for Children and Families and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities will discuss how what’s happening in Washington will affect your on-the-ground work in connecting kids to coverage. We’ll also review the Urban Institute’s latest data showing improved participation rates in Medicaid and CHIP based on an updated study from the Urban Institute that proves all your great work at the state and community level is paying off.

Presentation & Other Material


Genevieve Kenney
Senior Fellow
Urban Institute
jkenney @ urban.org

Tricia Brooks
Senior Fellow
HPI Center for Children and Families
pab62 @ georgetown.edu

David Lara
Senior Legislative Associate
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
lara @ cbpp.org