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GOP States Are Trying to Put Time Limits on Medicaid

New York Magazine By: Ed Kilgore Even as the Trump administration greenlights state-imposed work requirements for “able-bodied adults” receiving Medicaid benefits, five states are asking for the power to take a much bigger step toward treating Medicaid like “welfare”: imposing arbitrary lifetime time limits on benefits for politically disfavored categories of recipients. … If it’s unclear Medicaid work requirements will pass […]

What happens when the GOP’s war on welfare comes for Medicaid

Think Progress By: Amanda Michelle Gomez Thomas Penister was uninsured for years after serving time in prison. In 2015, he applied for Medicaid coverage to see a primary care doctor as his mental health problems became debilitating. He was relieved to finally discover what was wrong: his doctor diagnosed him with post-traumatic stress disorder, attention-deficit […]

More states eye Medicaid work requirements

Roll Call By: Jason Dick A growing number of mostly Republican-led states are rushing to follow Kentucky’s lead in requiring thousands of people on Medicaid to work or lose health coverage. The governors of South Dakota, Alabama, Louisiana and South Carolina have said in recent weeks that they plan to pursue work requirements for their […]