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Coronavirus forces reckoning for Trump’s healthcare cuts

Los Angeles Times By: Noam Levey The widening coronavirus pandemic is forcing the Trump administration to pause, and even reverse, its years-long effort to roll back healthcare regulations and restrict access to the nation’s medical safety net. … “Putting up barriers to coverage has been a big part of this administration’s healthcare agenda,” said Joan […]

GOP-led states diverge on easing Medicaid access during COVID-19

Modern Healthcare By: Harris Meyer At least two Republican-led states want to temporarily ease their Medicaid waiver requirements and make it easier for residents to get and keep coverage under Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program during the coronavirus pandemic. … “Work requirements and premiums are precisely the kinds of policies that are dangerous […]

Report: Health coverage declines for Latino children

Wisconsin Examiner By: Erik Gunn The U.S. is falling behind in securing health care coverage for America’s children, but especially so in covering Latino children, according to a new report released Wednesday. And while some states are doing better than others, Wisconsin is part of that decline. Between 2016 and 2018, the number of Latino […]

The high cost of being Trump’s enemy

Kaiser Health News By: Rachel Bluth President Donald Trump makes his disdain for California clear, lashing out at the Golden State as a “filthy dirty” and “horrible” outpost cursed by homelessness and wildfires. California, in turn, has challenged the Trump administration dozens of times on issues such as auto emissions, immigration and union dues. … In February, […]