Strengthened Tool to Address Health-Related Social Needs: The New Medicaid Managed Care Regulation’s “In Lieu of Services” Explained

Medicaid managed care plans have long covered “In Lieu of Services” (ILOS), which are services that are provided in substitution of traditional Medicaid state plan services. For example, a managed care plan might provide a community-based depression screening in lieu of an office visit screening. In 2016, CMS first defined the contours of ILOS in […]

Medicaid Managed Care: Results of the PHE Unwinding for the Big Five in Q1 2024

It’s now been four corporate reporting quarters since the start of the PHE unwinding on April 1, 2023. During that time, net national Medicaid enrollment—the combination of disenrollments from redeterminations, re-enrollment by some of those terminated, and new enrollments—has fallen by 13.1 million, including 5.0 million children. Of the disenrollments, 70 percent have been for […]

Final Medicaid Managed Care Rule Explained

CMS recently finalized two key regulations: “Ensuring Access to Medicaid Services” (Access Rule) and “Medicaid, CHIP Managed Care Access, Finance, and Quality” (Managed Care Rule), aimed at improving access to care in Medicaid across delivery systems (fee-for-service and managed care) and authorities (state plan and waiver services). The Managed Care Rule addresses five primary areas: […]