Medicaid Managed Care for Foster Care Children and Youth: A Natural Experiment with Little Transparency

There’s a natural experiment underway involving a highly vulnerable population: children and youth in foster care. The experiment is a test of whether MCO/FCs outperform other ways of furnishing needed health care to this population.  No, MCO/FCs are not a soccer team in the English Premier League. The initialism stands for Medicaid managed care organizations […]

Hidden in Plain Sight: A Medicaid Managed Care Pay-For

The Medicaid managed care market continues to grow.  A review of the Q2 financial reports of the “Big Five” national managed care companies by my colleague Allie Corcoran finds that, over the first six months of 2021, Medicaid enrollment increased, on average, by 14.9 percent year-to-year. This increase is being driven in part by the […]