Medicaid as First Responder: Enrollment Is on the Rise

Introduction Medicaid is and will continue to play a central role in the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic with respect to both the health crisis and the ensuing economic crisis. With unemployment rapidly rising to double digits and workers (and their spouses and dependent children) losing their employer-sponsored insurance, it has been widely expected […]

Medicaid Work Requirements: News from the Litigation Front

It has been obvious for several months that the wheels have come off the Medicaid work requirements bus.  The Secretary of HHS has approved “demonstrations” of work requirements in nine states; none of these states is currently implementing.  And no state that accepts the 6.2 percentage point increase in its federal Medicaid matching rate made […]

As record numbers of Pennsylvanians struggle, more ask for help

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette By: Kate Giammarise With many businesses still partially or completely closed and unemployment climbing, some Pennsylvanians are turning to public programs to make ends meet — though far fewer than might be expected given double-digit jobless numbers and long lines at free food distribution sites… A dozen states have posted April enrollment data […]

COVID-19, State Budget Deficits, and Medicaid Managed Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed not just death, but also massive unemployment and a steep recession.  Among the economic casualties are state budgets, which have been knocked badly out of balance by the resulting drop in revenues and the prospect of increased enrollment in Medicaid and other safety net programs.   Among those spared from the […]