“Intentional Program Violations” (IPVs): Weaponizing Program Integrity to Undercut Medicaid Expansion

Last November, Utah voters passed an initiative calling for Medicaid expansion.  Since then, Utah policymakers have been fighting a convoluted battle against covering low-income adults that has been chronicled by my colleagues Joan Alker, Adam Searing, and Kelly Whitener.  The latest chapter in this saga is Utah’s “per capita cap” waiver, which is now before […]

New Mexico: Some Good Waiver News for a Change

Those of us who follow Medicaid waiver activity around the country can feel that we’re being constantly assaulted by bad news. So here’s some good news to brighten your day:  instead of proposing burdensome requirements that limit access to Medicaid enrollment and services, New Mexico is planning to improve its section 1115 waiver – known […]