Texas Medicaid Waiver Trilogy: The Final Installment

The drama over Texas’ Section 1115 Medicaid waiver has come to a somewhat surprising and precipitous close. On April 22nd, 2022 the Biden Administration decided to stop fighting the litigation brought by Texas Attorney General Paxon to reinstate the terms of the Trump Administration’s waiver approval issued on January 15, 2021 (i.e. just a few […]

California’s Medicaid Managed Care Waiver: New Potential for Access and Transparency

One of the most significant Medicaid managed care developments in 2021 happened on December 29, when CMS approved federal funding and waivers for California’s reform initiative, Advancing Innovation in Medi-Cal (CalAIM).  The approval involved two sets of waivers, one operating under section 1115 of the Social Security Act, the other under section 1915(b)(4). For good […]