Indiana’s Waiver Approval Adds More Barriers to Medicaid Coverage

Following the recent approval of Kentucky’s waiver, Indiana becomes the second major waiver approval by the Trump Administration which establishes more barriers to Medicaid coverage. This is an unfortunate but not surprising turn of events. It’s worth noting that Indiana’s own evaluation shows numerous barriers to coverage already existing in Indiana’s HIP 2.0 program, yet […]

Weaponizing Medicaid Paperwork

It turns out that CMS has a “Patients Over Paperwork” initiative, which the agency describes as “our effort to reduce administrative burden and improve the customer experience while putting patients first.” Who knew? If you’ve been following Administrator Verma’s crusade to condition Medicaid coverage on meeting requirements to document work, you would be quite surprised. […]

Trump Administration’s New Medicaid Work Requirement Policy Will Harm Families

Today the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued guidance that radically alters Medicaid by allowing states to link Medicaid eligibility with work requirements. Essentially, the Secretary of Health and Human Services will allow states, using Section 1115 Medicaid demonstration waivers, to condition Medicaid eligibility on compliance with state-determined policies that require non-disabled adults […]

Tracking Medicaid Work Requirement Proposals

We here at Georgetown University CCF are closely tracking Medicaid Section 1115 demonstration waiver proposals as states attempt to create new barriers to coverage. There are many troubling proposals pending, but one of the most common is the imposition of a work or community service requirement as a condition of Medicaid coverage. As a reference, […]

Kansas and Mississippi Medicaid Waivers Race to the Bottom: Most Vulnerable Families Targeted by Harmful Proposal

Medicaid is a critical part of health insurance coverage in the US, covering millions of children and their parents, seniors and individuals with disabilities.  More than half of states have taken the Affordable Care Act option to expand Medicaid coverage to more low-income parents and childless adults. But some states are trying to move in […]