Racial Health Inequities and Medicaid Work Requirements

Research by the Center for Children and Family demonstrates that Medicaid work reporting requirements proposed for low-income parents would disproportionately affect African American mothers and families. In three of the five states we reviewed, African American adults represent the largest proportion of the population subject to work reporting requirements. In all five states, the share […]

Medicaid Work Requirements: News from the Litigation Front

It has been obvious for several months that the wheels have come off the Medicaid work requirements bus.  The Secretary of HHS has approved “demonstrations” of work requirements in nine states; none of these states is currently implementing.  And no state that accepts the 6.2 percentage point increase in its federal Medicaid matching rate made […]

COVID-19 Medicaid Waiver Soup Explained

Over the past month there has been an explosion of Medicaid waiver activity relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This activity is not to be confused with the implosion of the Medicaid section 1115 work requirements waivers, which would undermine coverage.  Instead, the COVID-related waivers are designed to help state Medicaid programs respond to the pandemic, […]