CMS Unsurprisingly Concludes Georgia Demonstration Extension Request Is… An Extension Request

On December 22, CMS sent Georgia a letter confirming that the state’s section 1115 demonstration extension request was being reviewed as an extension request. This straightforward conclusion, which the state was trying to avoid, has some important consequences for the state’s on-going Medicaid expansion debacle. But let’s start with the background. In February 2023, Georgia […]

Updated List of Flexibilities Highlight Variety of Approaches States Are Taking to Promote Continuity of Coverage During the Unwinding

To meet the unprecedented moment of the unwinding of the Medicaid continuous coverage protection, states have implemented a range of innovative policies to make the renewal process smoother for enrollees as well as state eligibility workers. One tool that states have increasingly used is Section 1902(e)(14)(A) waivers, or “e14s,” which we have written about previously […]