Research Update: Can Parents in Non-Expansion States Meet a Work Requirement and Remain Medicaid-Eligible?

This week, I am reading a study examining Medicaid work requirements in non-expansion states. My colleague, Joan Alker, recently wrote about Mississippi’s waiver request, which is currently up for public comment and includes a work requirement targeted at very poor parents and caretaker relatives with household incomes below 27% FPL. A new study examines whether […]

Indiana’s Waiver Approval Adds More Barriers to Medicaid Coverage

Following the recent approval of Kentucky’s waiver, Indiana becomes the second major waiver approval by the Trump Administration which establishes more barriers to Medicaid coverage. This is an unfortunate but not surprising turn of events. It’s worth noting that Indiana’s own evaluation shows numerous barriers to coverage already existing in Indiana’s HIP 2.0 program, yet […]

Idaho Goes Rogue: State Authorizes Sale of Health Plans that Violate the Affordable Care Act

As instructed by Governor Butch Otter’s recent executive order, the Idaho department of insurance (DOI) has published rules for new, “state-based” health plans that are exempt from many of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) protections for people with pre-existing conditions. The state’s goal appears to be to provide a cheaper alternative to Idahoans than ACA-compliant plans. They do […]