So Much Research, So Little Time

By Tara Mancini

Want to spend less time “Googling” and more time researching?  CCF recently  launched its new online CCF Research Digest using a service called Zotero to help you do just that.  With the ability to search publications by a myriad of fields and tags, the CCF Research Digest will help you to quickly find research and other resources relevant to your work. The CCF Research Digest includes reports published by an array  of research organizations as well as state and federal government reports.*  The Research Digest  is updated bi-weekly and currently contains materials dating back to 2011 (with more to be added in the future ).  Another time saving feature is the ability to create citations and bibliographies in many styles.

Georgetown CCF’s Research Digest is free, but you must be a “member” to use it and to receive regular updates on our new content.  In order to join the CCF research group, please sign-up for a free account here.

  1. Go to
  2. After you click on the “Register” button, Zotero will send you a confirmation email and you will have to click on  the enclosed link.

  3. Once you are logged in for the first time, you’ll need to visit the GeorgetownCCF page and “Join” our group to become a CCF Research Digest member.Go to, or type “GeorgetownCCF” in the group search function. Click the “Join.” button.  Your request to Join the GeorgetownCCF group and become a user of the research digest will take about 24 hours to process.

After you have created an account and joined the CCF Research Digest Group, you can always access the group through your web browser, but we’d also encourage you to explore the browser plugins and standalone software that are the real strengths of the Zotero system of research and citation automation.

Get started learning how Zotero can help you out with this short video: or read the quick start guide. If you have unresolved issues accessing or using the Georgetown CCF Research Digest on Zotero, contact Tara Mancini.

Disclaimer: Because the resources cataloged in the digest come from a wide range of organizations with diverse viewpoints and variation in methodological rigor, inclusion in the group digest does not constitute endorsement by the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families.