States Weigh Extending Medicaid for Beneficiaries Who Work


By: Misty Williams

States seeking to require people on Medicaid to work are proposing to temporarily extend coverage for those who get jobs but end up earning too much money to qualify for the program.

A study released earlier this year estimated 8,700 low-income parents and caregivers in Alabama could be kicked off Medicaid in the first year alone under a work mandate. The state, along with Texas, has the strictest Medicaid eligibility standards in the nation with parents unable to earn more than 18 percent of the federal poverty level – about $3,740 a year for a family of three, according to the Georgetown University report.

References research on Alabama’s proposed Medicaid work requirement by Joan Alker, Phyllis Jordan, Olivia Pham, and Karina Wagnerman. Read more here.