Advocates Lambast Growing Number of Uninsured in Arkansas Due to Work Rules

AJMC Managed Markets Network

By: Allison Inserro

Arkansas said this week it removed more than 12,000 people from its Medicaid expansion program over the past 3 months for not complying with work and community engagement requirements, and another 6000 are at risk of losing their health coverage by December. On Friday, the executive director of the Center for Children and Families at the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University called those numbers “chilling.” Joan Alker, who is also a research professor at the university, said the numbers show “our worst fears are being realized.” The state said more than 3800 people lost their Medicaid coverage for not complying in October with the rule, which requires them to work 80 hours a month. Beneficiaries lose coverage if they don’t meet the requirement 3 months in a calendar year, and they cannot re-enroll until January. Nearly 8500 people had lost coverage over the previous 2 months. Another 6000 people will lose health coverage if they don’t meet the work requirement November 30.

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