Critics argue SC Medicaid plan to add work requirements for adults will mostly harm moms

The Post and Courier

By: Lauren Sausser

South Carolina adults who qualify for low-income Medicaid coverage may need to prove later this year they have a job or risk losing their health benefits. Gov. Henry McMaster’s Medicaid agency is officially pursuing the rule change more than a year after President Donald Trump’s administration announced it would support Medicaid work requirements. But experts argue in a new report the plan will mainly harm mothers and, inadvertently, their children, who are more likely to lack health insurance if their parents are uninsured.

“We’re only talking about parents here. That’s it,” said Joan Alker, executive director of the Georgetown group. “These are very vulnerable families.” Unlike the federal Medicare program, which covers seniors and younger adults with disabilities, states are given some latitude to craft their own Medicaid rules because the low-income health insurance program is financed with both state and federal money.

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