New Unwinding Resources and our “Unwinding Wednesday” Blog Series Kickoff

Today, CCF posted new resources relating to the unwinding of the Medicaid continuous coverage protection after the public health emergency (PHE) ends. We’re also kicking off our “Unwinding Wednesday” blog series, which will focus on planning, implementation, and monitoring of the unwinding.

Tips and Best Practices Updated

In August 2021, we released our Unwinding Tips for Advocates. Since then, CMS has provided additional guidance and new flexibilities for states, so we’ve revised the content according. The update is also written for a broader audience and includes tips and best practices for states and stakeholders to consider before and during the unwinding process.

New 50-State Unwinding Tracker

Our 50-state tracker is intended to boost awareness of and access to key state documents or communications relating to the unwinding. We are tracking six elements on state websites:

  • Public state plan or summary
  • Unwinding information on Medicaid or State Marketplace website
  • Alerts to update contact information
  • Unwinding FAQ
  • Communications materials/toolkit for partners
  • Unwinding data dashboard or will publicly post key unwinding data

As it stands today, we have found at least one of the six items on 41 state websites, including nine states with five or six elements. However, we could find no posted material or information about the unwinding for 10 states – FL, ID, ME, MD, MA, MN, ND, NM, PA, and WY.

The unwinding tracker map shows how many elements were found on each state’s website. If you hover over a state, you’ll see which documents or other information was found. Additionally, if you download the tracker here, you’ll find links to each of the elements we found.

Throughout the coming months, our Georgetown School of Health intern – Peyton Yee – will be scouring state websites for plans, tools, and other unwinding resources and will regularly update the tracker. And please, shoot us an email if we missed something that should be included in the tracker.

“Unwinding Wednesday” Blog Series

Each Wednesday in the coming weeks, we’ll feature more information gleaned from the tracker and discuss a variety of topics related to the unwinding in a new weekly blog series: “Unwinding Wednesday.” So, check back often to see how your state compares and for the latest updates on the unwinding.