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Governors eye Medicaid cuts to ease COVID-19 budget pain

The Hill By: Jessie Hellmann Governors facing huge budget shortfalls are eyeing cuts to Medicaid, even as millions of unemployed Americans flock to the health insurance program after losing their employer-based coverage.States that are buckling under declining revenues and increased Medicaid enrollment due to COVID-19 say they may have no choice but to cut the […]

Health Insurance Options for Texans Hit by COVID-19 Job Loss

Public News Service … According to a Georgetown University report, the number of uninsured children in Texas increased 16% between 2016 and 2018. McChesney said it keeps rising because many families earn too much for Medicaid eligibility, but not enough to purchase coverage through the Affordable Care Act. She said the pandemic has illustrated how […]

HHS awards more than $160 million to rural providers

Modern Healthcare By: Michael Brady HHS on Wednesday awarded more than $160 million in COVID-19 relief funding for rural health providers, including nearly 1,800 small rural hospitals … “States that expanded Medicaid have seen uninsured rates for low-income adults in rural areas decline three times faster compared to states that haven’t expanded Medicaid,” according to […]