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State Highlights

Children's Uninsured Rate 4.9%
Parents' Uninsured Rate 7%
Percent of Children Covered by Medicaid/CHIP 27%

Medicaid/CHIP Eligibility Levels by Percentage of Federal Poverty Level and Annual Income

Eligibility levels are based on 2016 FPLs for a family of three for children, pregnant women, and parents, and for an individual for childless adults.
  • Upper Income Eligibility Thresholds for Medicaid/CHIP
  • Median Upper Income Eligibility Thresholds for Medicaid/CHIP Across All States

Key Policy Indicators

Type of CHIP Program Combination
Coverage of Lawfully Residing Immigrant Children (ICHIA Option) Yes
Medicaid/CHIP Child Enrollment 189,181
Predominant Delivery System Primary Care Case Management
12-Month Continuous Eligibility (Medicaid) Yes
12-Month Continuous Eligibility (CHIP) Yes
Number of Child Core Set Quality Measures Reported 12

National and State Tables

* More information on sources used for data compilation