Drug Costs

Short-Term Funding Bill Keeps Government Open, Also Includes Sound Provision Reducing Federal and State Medicaid Drug Costs

On September 29, the President signed into law a fiscal year 2020 appropriations bill (H.R. 4378) that temporarily funds the federal government through November 21.  The bill also includes several short-term extensions of critical health provisions that were scheduled to expire: full Medicaid funding for Puerto Rico and the other territories, a delay in scheduled […]

Senate Finance Committee Considers Bipartisan Bill to Lower Federal and State Medicaid Drug Costs

Editor’s Note: The Senate Finance Committee reported the bill on July 25, 2019 (without substantive changes to its Medicaid provisions.) On Thursday, July 25, the Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to consider bipartisan drug pricing legislation (known as the Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act).  While much of the bill focuses on provisions related to Medicare […]

State Medicaid Programs Already Have Considerable Flexibility to Adopt Innovative Payment Models for New High-Cost Prescription Drugs

As I have previously warned, the ongoing prescription drug pricing debate could intentionally or unintentionally lead to significant harm to the Medicaid program and its effective Drug Rebate Program.  That, in turn, could result in higher federal and state Medicaid drug costs and reduced beneficiary access to needed medications. One key element of the Medicaid […]

CCF Comments to Administration’s Harmful Rebate Safe Harbor Rule

We submitted comments to the Trump Administration’s proposed regulation to eliminate the safe harbor in the federal anti-kickback law for rebates negotiated by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) on behalf of Medicaid managed care plans (and Medicare Part D plans).   As we have previously written, the proposed regulation raises serious concerns because it would likely […]