Eligibility & Enrollment

Research Update: It’s Simple—Medicaid Helps People Work

My colleagues have been analyzing the highly damaging Medicaid work reporting requirement provisions of the House-passed debt ceiling bill crafted by Speaker McCarthy, including how it would likely harm people with disabilities and parents. There is an overwhelming stack of evidence showing that work requirements are a terrible idea: they don’t actually improve employment rates, […]

Expedited CMS Approvals in Washington and Oregon Can Further Minimize Coverage Disruptions, Aid Unwinding

New CMS approvals in Oregon and Washington will protect health coverage for more children and families during this year’s consequential unwinding, minimizing coverage disruptions and easing transitions to new sources of health coverage. Oregon receives approval to ease coverage transitions for certain adults, allowing them to stay in Medicaid until they can transition to alternative […]

Children’s Marketplace Enrollment Increases Again, but Most Children Will Still be Eligible for Medicaid After Unwinding

When it comes to recent trends in children’s coverage, much attention has rightly focused on the significant child enrollment increases in Medicaid over the past few years due in large part to the Medicaid continuous coverage requirement. Although the Marketplaces cover far fewer children by comparison, child enrollment in Marketplace plans has increased substantially for […]

Webinar: Medicaid Continuous Eligibility for Children up to age 6 in Oregon

On September 28, CMS approved Oregon’s groundbreaking proposal to provide continuous eligibility (CE) in Medicaid and CHIP for children from birth to age 6 as a component of the state’s school readiness and health care transformation strategies. The approval also creates a two-year CE for all beneficiaries ages 6 and older, along with a number […]

Medicaid and CHIP Continuous Coverage for Children

States have the option under current law to provide 12 months of continuous health coverage for children in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) so that children can maintain coverage throughout the year even as their family income fluctuates from month to month. Under this option, states allow a child to remain enrolled […]