Immigrant Families

Immigrant Families

New Report Underscores Need to Help Citizen Children from Mixed Status Families Enroll in Medicaid/CHIP

Ninety-seven percent of children living in the US are citizens, but one in four have an immigrant parent. New research from the Urban Institute shows that coverage gaps for citizen children with noncitizen parents widened relative to other children from 2016-2019, reversing much of the coverage gains these children experienced from 2013-2016. These findings are […]

New CMCS Informational Bulletin on Public Charge

Yesterday, CMCS released a new Informational Bulletin reminding states that the public charge rules have changed and emphasizing that Medicaid and CHIP benefits will not be considered when immigrants apply for a green card. The Trump Administration sought to change the public charge rules – rules that are used as part of an immigrant’s application […]

Removing Barriers to Health Coverage for Noncitizen Children is Key to Addressing Harmful Health Disparities

This month’s issue of Health Affairs is about borders, immigrants, and health, and there are several pieces focused on health of immigrant children and children in immigrant families. Mariellen Jewers and Leighton Ku’s article, “Noncitizen Children Face Higher Health Harms Compared With Their Siblings Who Have US Citizen Status,” looks at differences in access to […]

President Biden’s Executive Order on Public Charge

On February 2, 2021, President Biden issued an Executive Order (EO) on various aspects of the U.S. immigration system, including public charge policies. Readers of SayAhhh! know that the Trump Administration changed longstanding public charge policies to make it harder for lawfully residing immigrants to obtain green cards by imposing a new wealth test. Though […]