Reading the Fine Print: Do ACA Replacement Proposals Give States More Flexibility and Authority?

By Sabrina Corlette and Kevin Lucia, originally posted on CHIRblog State officials have been heartened by statements from incoming Congressional leadership and the new President that states will gain greater authority and autonomy over their health insurance markets than they have had under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). For example, President Trump’s executive order on […]

Radically Restructuring Medicaid Would be Bad for Kids

While most press coverage has focused on repealing the Affordable Care Act and scaling back the Medicaid expansion for adults, a less well-known but extremely damaging effort under consideration by Congress would radically restructure Medicaid financing. Proposals would do this through a block grant or per capita cap designed to save money by limiting federal contributions. (Kaiser just put […]

How Restructuring Medicaid Could Affect Children

More than one-third of America’s children rely on Medicaid for their health care, and more than half of Medicaid recipients are children. Medicaid’s existing structure has helped states respond to every economic downturn, natural disaster, epidemic or innovative treatment since the program was enacted in 1965. As recently as last year, Congress put forth proposals […]