Video: These Parents of Medically Complex Kids Explain Why Medicaid Matters to Their Families

If you want to know about kids, listen to parents. Sometimes in the health policy and political worlds, it’s easy to forget this simple piece of advice – and sometimes politicians and policymakers are too focused on the latest bill or political win to remember it.

Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about Medicaid with parents of children with complex medical needs. The parents featured in this video know more about Medicaid than just about anyone because their childrens’ lives depend on it.  The families we interviewed are simply amazing, loving, dedicated and resilient. They know Medicaid first hand. Their concerns should be given serious consideration when policymakers debate cuts or changes to Medicaid.

And Medicaid is not only important to children with complex medical needs, it is a crucial lifeline for millions of children and parents. Did you know that half of Medicaid beneficiaries are children. Cut or cap Medicaid and inevitably these changes will affect children. We also know that children are affected by health insurance changes that hit their parents. Medicaid coverage makes it easier for parents to maintain their health and financially stability and that’s simply better for the family and better for kids.

[Medicaid: A Promise to America from Georgetown CCF on Vimeo.]

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Adam Searing
Adam Searing is an Associate Professor of the Practice at the Center for Children and Families