CMS Receives Outpouring of Public Comments on Kentucky and Mississippi Medicaid Waivers (Including some from us here at CCF!)

The public has spoken! When the public comment period closed on the Kentucky and Mississippi Medicaid waivers this weekend, a whopping 11,700+ comments had been submitted on Kentucky’s and 330+ were submitted on Mississippi’s. While the Mississippi numbers were not as eye-popping as Kentucky’s, it’s important to view that number in context — as only 24 comments had been submitted on the first round of federal comments on the Mississippi waiver. As regular readers of SayAhhh! know, CMS reopened the Kentucky waiver for comment after a federal judge ruled that HHS’ decision in granting the waiver had been “arbitrary and capricious.” CMS also reopened Mississippi work requirement proposal for very poor parents and caregivers the same day.

Public comments matter, so I have been reading some of them and certainly hope “the powers that be” at CMS will take a careful look – although I am not holding my breath. I have looked at many of the Mississippi comments and so far I have not found a single one in favor.  

Please read the comments that we submitted to CMS regarding these two waivers below:

Joan Alker is the Executive Director of the Center for Children and Families and a Research Professor at the Georgetown McCourt School of Public Policy.