Social Media Toolkit – Child Health Coverage Report

Social Media Posts

  • A new report shows alarming number of kids going without health coverage. Visit for the latest in-depth data #KidsHealthReport


  • Do you know how many kids lack health insurance in your state? Nationally, the numbers are headed in the wrong direction. Get the data breakdowns at #KidsHealthReport


  • .@GeorgetownCCF’s annual report on uninsured children finds 726,000+ more children uninsured nationwide between 2016-2019. Explore children’s health data at kidshealthreport #KidsHealthReport


  • From 2016-2019, more than 726,000 kids lost health insurance nationwide. @GeorgetownCCF’s annual report on uninsured children gives you the state-by-state data you need to help understand and reverse this trend. #KidsHealthReport


  • New report on children’s health coverage is a wakeup call. Without health insurance, kids miss out on critical services they need for a healthy childhood and academic success. Take a closer look at #KidsHealthReport kidshealthreport


  • Number of uninsured children rises for third year, tops 4 million in U.S. #KidsHealthReport shows how kids are doing in our state at kidshealthreport


  • Latino children are more likely than most of their peers to lack health coverage and the gap is widening.  They saw a bigger jump in their uninsured rate between 2017 and 2019 than any other race/ethnicity group.


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