Medicaid Learning Lab

Medicaid, the foundation of affordable, comprehensive health coverage for low-income children and families, is a complex federal-state partnership program. It is essential for everyone working on improving affordable health coverage or advocating for low-income families to develop a solid base of knowledge and understanding about how this critical federal-state program works.

The Georgetown University Center for Children and Families Medicaid Learning Lab provides a free monthly webinar to help participants better understand the roles Medicaid, and its smaller companion Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), play in providing health coverage to children, pregnant women, and families.

Starting with an overview of these critical safety net programs, the series will be followed by sessions that delve into financing, eligibility, benefits, premiums and cost-sharing, and demonstration waivers. Health policy experts and researchers will look at health equity and how Medicaid serves specific groups such as immigrants, children of color, pregnant women, and young children. The Medicaid Learning Lab will later delve into more complex issues such as the intricacies of enrollment and renewal processes, health care quality reporting and improvement, and managed care-related topics.

The Medicaid Learning Lab meets on the third Thursday of each month at 1 p.m. ET and is free and open to all. We hope you will join us to explore Medicaid and CHIP and discover new ideas for building on their strengths to improve access to affordable health care for all of America’s children and families.

Upcoming Session:

The Medicaid Learning Lab spring session has concluded. Stay tuned for future sessions!

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