Unwinding Resources

A variety of resources, including template communications materials and toolkits, are available to assist states and stakeholders in planning and preparing for the end of the PHE as we get closer to the unwinding of the Medicaid continuous coverage protection.

Tips and Best Practices for States and Stakeholders

Unwinding the Medicaid continuous coverage protection will be a heavy lift. It will be important for states to work together with community partners in the planning process. Our new and improved Tips and Best Practices outline specific action steps states can take now to be better prepared for the end of the public health emergency (PHE).


Communications Resources

GMMB Toolkit

CMS Medicaid and CHIP Continuous Enrollment Unwinding Toolkit

State Health & Value Strategies Consumer Communications and Outreach

Provider Resources

CMS Graphics for Providers

State-Specific Renewal Flyers

These flyers are customized for each state, including the state website and toll-free number. There are two versions for each state, with and without the upper-income eligibility for children and adults. Each version is available in PDF, as well as Word for those who want to modify the document with your logo.

Check out these customizable flyers for your state here.


Webinar Series: Unwinding the COVID-19 Medicaid Continuous Eligibility Provision

When the COVID-19 public health emergency ends, state Medicaid agencies face the daunting task of resuming normal eligibility and enrollment operations. It’s imperative that community partners and other stakeholders focus on this unprecedented challenge to help ensure that eligible children and families do not lose Medicaid coverage during the unwinding.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families are teaming up for a webinar series on what the end of the PHE means for Medicaid eligibility and enrollment and how organizations can contribute to their state’s planning process and monitor implementation.