Biden Administration and States Should Better Ensure Medicaid and CHIP Beneficiaries Have Access to At-Home COVID-19 Rapid Tests

As the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) recently explained, state Medicaid and CHIP programs are required to cover at-home COVID-19 rapid tests, without cost-sharing, until at least one year after the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency.  However, there seems to be substantial variation across state Medicaid and CHIP programs in how they actually cover […]

COVID “Long Haulers” Can Carry Additional Burden of Getting Insurers to Cover Care

By Karen Davenport As Americans return, retreat, and return again to schools, workplaces, and other locations emblematic of pre-pandemic times, life is anything but normal for millions of people experiencing the long-term after-effects of COVID-19. Post-viral syndromes, which develop when a reaction to a virus fails to resolve following initial infection, followed the 1918 flu pandemic, SARS, and other viral […]