Want to Help Young Children? Expand Medicaid.

We are asked a lot about the ways states can do more for young children in Medicaid—and we have a lot to say! Young children’s healthy development is influenced by their interactions and relationships with parents and other adults. So naturally, for the 17 states holding out, we start by raising Medicaid expansion. While we […]

Health insurance is critical for kids to thrive in school

Tuscaloosa News By: Kim Doleatto Being ready for kindergarten doesn’t end at bedtime stories and knowing how to count to ten. Access to health care helps children thrive once they reach school. “More and more we’re finding a link between access to health care coverage and school readiness,” said Elisabeth Burak, Senior Fellow at Georgetown University’s […]

Medicaid Helps Babies Get What They Need to Thrive

It bears repeating: The first three years of a child’s life shape the rest. During that short time period, babies and toddlers form more than one million new neural connections every second. Their positive development depends on nurturing relationships and environments that promote health and learning. When they don’t get what their brains need to thrive—especially […]