Lessons from the Pandemic: Children’s Coverage Improvements

As readers of SayAhhh! know, Medicaid and CHIP enrollment is at an all-time high with close to 86 million people – covering half of the country’s children. Children and adults on Medicaid are protected by the continuous coverage provision including in the Families First Act (link to explainer) that prevents states from disenrolling anyone involuntarily. […]

Medicaid Pregnancy Coverage Fills a Critical Health Insurance Gap During Pandemic, Data Shows

Among all the Medicaid beneficiaries who’ve had their health coverage protected through the COVID-19 public health emergency, pregnant women stand out, new data released from CMS show. As readers of the SayAhhh! Blog know, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act included a “continuous coverage” provision that linked receipt of enhanced federal Medicaid and CHIP funding […]