Expanding Options to Identify Renewal Dates Could Help Minimize Procedural Disenrollments

We’re only four months into the Medicaid unwinding and the scale of coverage loss for procedural reasons is already staggering. An estimated 1.6 million individuals have lost coverage, with 71 percent terminated for procedural reasons. Stories are trickling in about why these procedural disenrollments may be occurring, including families not getting notices in the mail. […]

CMS Asks States and Stakeholders to Lean In and Help Respond to Mounting Concerns About Eligible Children, New Moms and Others Losing Medicaid During Unwinding

As outcomes data has emerged from states getting an early start on resuming Medicaid renewals, there are mounting concerns about eligible children, new moms, and others losing coverage due to procedural disenrollments. In response, CMS released additional information on the unwinding, including a letter from HHS Secretary Becerra to governors urging them to adopt additional […]