SC Public Comments Show Opposition to Work Requirement and Support for Expansion

Two months ago, South Carolina followed the example of five other non-expansion states and submitted a proposal to CMS to impose work reporting requirements targeted at low-income parents. Unlike the other non-expansion states, however, South Carolina’s waiver does propose an expansion of coverage from 67% FPL to 100% FPL. CCF recently updated our analysis of […]

Percent of Adults Covered by Medicaid by County, 2013-2017

Notes: Adults are defined as 19 – 64 years old. Adults with two or more types of coverage are not included in the map. Source: Georgetown University Center for Children and Families analysis of the five-year estimates of summary data from the 2017 American Community Survey (ACS) using table B27010. The U.S. Census Bureau publishes […]

Percent of Children Covered by Medicaid/CHIP by County, 2013-2017

Notes: Children are defined as under 19. Children with two or more types of coverage are not included in the map. A dash indicates that the percent of children with Medicaid/CHIP coverage in the county are unreported on the map because there are fewer than 10 children residing in the county. Source: Georgetown University Center […]

MACPAC Releases FactSheet on CHIP Health Services Initiatives

Not everyone knows that states are allowed to use a limited amount of CHIP funding to implement health services initiatives (HSIs) – activities that protect the public health, promote a state’s capacity to deliver public health services, or accomplish public health goals relating to improving the health of children, including children in Medicaid and CHIP. […]