Children’s hospitals ask feds for more money amid ‘catastrophic loss’ due to coronavirus

ABC News

By: Olivia Rubin

The leaders of over 75 children’s hospitals across the country on Monday asked the federal government for more funding to help sustain their operations and offset the “catastrophic loss” they said they have faced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Generally speaking, Joan Alker, the Executive Director of the Center for Children and Families (CCF) at Georgetown University, said she is “extremely concerned” about the state of pediatric infrastructure, which has only been weakened during the pandemic. “We really need a national strategy we need our leaders to sort of thoughtfully consider and address this wide range of threats that children face right now to their health and development,” Alker said. “And unfortunately there’s just no sign that exists right now.”Alker said more money to fund Medicaid programs will be “critical” in the effort.

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