Medicaid Managed Care: Results for the Big Five in PHE Q13

The earnings reports for the “Big Five” for the quarter ending March 31—known here as PHE Q13—are in.  The “Big Five”—CVSHealth (Aetna), Centene, Elevance Health (formerly Anthem), Molina Healthcare, and United Health Group—need no introduction, either to state Medicaid agencies or investors.  Together, they had 44.2 million Medicaid enrollees as of March 31.  If children […]

How Many Children Just Lost Coverage in Florida?

We just received a copy of Florida’s report to CMS on its first month of “unwinding” the Medicaid continuous coverage provisions for April and the data is alarming. Of the 461,322 people whose eligibility was checked, more than half — 54% or 249,427 people — were terminated. Most of those terminated (82%) had their cases […]

Update: North Carolina Passed Medicaid Expansion – Here’s How Politicians Justified Change of Heart

In March this year, the North Carolina legislature passed Medicaid expansion with bipartisan support, becoming the first state to pass expansion legislatively since Virginia in 2018. In an interesting turn of events, many House and Senate Republicans in North Carolina, who for years staunchly opposed expanding Medicaid, changed their positions leading up to the bill’s […]