Florida Legislature’s Medicaid Folly

The Florida Legislature is about to make final decisions about the state’s budget in the next few weeks – decisions that are constructed on false fiscal assumptions — with reckless options on the table that would weaken the state’s health care system and lead to more uninsured Floridians if finalized. During what we all hope […]

Hybrid Approach to Resolving Payment Disputes Breaks Legislative Stalemates Over Balance Billing, How Will the No Surprises Act Affect These New State Laws?

In December 2020, Congress enacted the No Surprises Act, which is designed to protect all Americans from surprise medical bills from out-of-network providers. But many states did not wait for federal action. Seven states enacted new surprise billing laws in 2020; five of these provide comprehensive protections. These laws raised the total number of states with protections to 33, including […]

Advancing Postpartum Coverage in Medicaid: Waiver or SPA?

The recently enacted American Rescue Plan Act has many new opportunities and important provisions that we are still absorbing and unpacking. One key change, as readers of SayAhh! know, is the new state option to provide 12 months of postpartum Medicaid and CHIP coverage to women after the end of their pregnancy, well beyond the […]