The unlikely new defenders of (at least part of) the Affordable Care Act? Opponents of Medicaid Expansion!

There are many good reasons Republicans formerly opposed to Medicaid expansion have changed their minds and worked toward bipartisan solutions to extend health care. My colleague Jade Little and I detailed this in North Carolina where a bipartisan bill expanding Medicaid overwhelmingly passed last year with support from political pragmatists of both parties, citing the […]

Medicaid Expansion Enrollment Opens in North Carolina

On December 1, North Carolina became the latest state to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, meaning approximately 600,000 residents now have access to comprehensive health coverage. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is now providing links and information on how to quickly apply for coverage either online, over the phone, […]

Update: North Carolina Passed Medicaid Expansion – Here’s How Politicians Justified Change of Heart

In March this year, the North Carolina legislature passed Medicaid expansion with bipartisan support, becoming the first state to pass expansion legislatively since Virginia in 2018. In an interesting turn of events, many House and Senate Republicans in North Carolina, who for years staunchly opposed expanding Medicaid, changed their positions leading up to the bill’s […]