Immigrant Families

Immigrant Families

Proposed “Public Charge” Rule Risks Immigrants’ Access to Private Coverage, Too

On October 10, the Trump administration published a proposed rule that significantly harms immigrant families, in part by dramatically reducing their access to health coverage and care. As our Center for Children & Families (CCF) colleague Kelly Whitener has documented on our sister blog (CCF’s Say Ahhh!), the so-called “Public Charge” rule would make it far more difficult […]

While We Await Official Notice of Proposed Public Rules Changes, Here are Our Thoughts on Latest Version

On Saturday, September 22, the Department of Homeland Security posted an unofficial proposed regulation that would dramatically alter immigration law by broadening the definition of public charge and significantly harming immigrant families. Earlier this year, two related drafts were leaked to the press.  Researchers documented the immediate, adverse impact on immigrant families and communities and […]

Proposed Rule Would Make Matters Worse for Immigrant Children Held in Detention – Comments Due Nov. 6

About a year ago, the Administration reversed longstanding immigration policy and started separating children from their parents at the US-Mexico border. Over just a few months, thousands of children were separated from their parents. The issue drew a lot of media attention, as medical and child welfare experts pointed out that research shows the Administration […]