The Impact of Alabama’s Proposed Medicaid Work Requirement on Low-Income Families with Children

What is Alabama proposing to do? Alabama is seeking federal permission through a Section 1115 Medicaid demonstration waiver to require parents and caregivers who rely on Medicaid to work 20 to 35 hours a week, prove they are looking or training for a job or do community service before receiving Medicaid. This proposal targets the […]

Leading Children’s Health, Medical and Advocacy Organizations Object to Work Requirements and Other Barriers to Medicaid Coverage

A broad and diverse group of children’s health, medical and advocacy organizations are speaking up against adding work requirements and other barriers to Medicaid coverage. Forty-four organizations sent a letter to HHS Secretary Alex Azar today expressing serious concerns about the agency’s proposed changes to Medicaid’s Section 1115 waiver policy, which could lead to thousands […]