Getting Into Gear for 2014: Findings from a 50-State Survey of Eligibility, Enrollment, Renewal, and Cost-Sharing Policies in Medicaid and CHIP, 2012-2013

As 2013 begins, implementation of the major provisions of the ACA, including its coverage expansions, is less than a year away. Following the Supreme Court ruling to uphold the ACA and the 2012 elections, efforts to prepare for 2014 are moving into high gear in many states. The majority of states are capitalizing on web-based tools and electronic data to facilitate individuals’ access to coverage and ease administrative burdens. In 2012, eligibility levels for children and pregnant women remained stable: the median eligibility level for children was 235% FPL and for pregnant women was 185% FPL. However, parent eligibility levels remained below poverty in 33 states. The ACA Medicaid expansion would significantly increase eligibility for parents. At this pivotal time, this annual report provides a snapshot of current Medicaid eligibility and enrollment policies and procedures and highlights changes states will need to make in the coming year to implement the Medicaid provisions of the ACA.

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Other versions of the 50-state survey on eligibility, enrollment, renewal, and cost sharing were published in January 2017January 2016, January 2015November 2013January 2012, and January 2011.