Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Provision Directs CMS to Review State EPSDT Implementation, including in Managed Care

Last month my colleague Anne Dwyer summarized the now-enacted Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and its provisions with potential to boost access to mental health services for children and families. One we will be watching closely: a review of state Medicaid EPSDT requirements, services, and practices. Long time Say Ahhh! Readers know that Medicaid’s Early Periodic […]

Transparency in Medicaid Managed Care: Are the Times A-Changin’?

If the phrase “transparency in Medicaid managed care” sounds like an oxymoron, that’s because in many states it is. Finding information on the performance of individual Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs) for children and families and other Medicaid beneficiaries on state Medicaid agency websites can be challenging. This is more than unfortunate because in the […]

Take the Child Health Dashboard Tour

Since we debuted the Dashboard Library, we’ve been keeping our eyes on state Medicaid agency websites and are pleased to announce that we’ve discovered quite a few more. The dashboards we’ve added to the list vary widely in content and presentation style, ranging from slides to interactive workbooks. Unfortunately, none of the dashboards that we […]

Show Me the Data: A Medicaid Dashboard for Missouri

We are pleased to announce the most recent addition to our library of Medicaid dashboards: Missouri. One of the most important functions of easily accessible and digestible data (like a dashboard) is the increased transparency that it offers both Medicaid beneficiaries and advocates. This is especially significant when it comes to holding Managed Care Organizations […]