Analysis: New Mothers Gained Health Coverage During Pandemic-Era Coverage Protections, But 1 in 10 Still Uninsured

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) required states to maintain uninterrupted coverage for all Medicaid beneficiaries in exchange for additional federal funding. This continuous coverage protection also extended to pregnant women in Medicaid beyond the previous 60-day postpartum cutoff that most states have now moved to extend to 12 months postpartum. A new analysis […]

CMS Releases Postpartum Care Toolkit to Help States Address Access, Quality, and Equity of Care in Medicaid and CHIP

The rapid state adoption of extended postpartum Medicaid coverage from 60 days to 12 months offers an important opportunity to help ensure new parents and their infants get the health care they need during a critical period of family change following a birth. Last month, CMS released a timely resource for states seeking to help […]

Medicaid Coverage for Pregnant Women and Their Young Children Linked to Health of the Next Generation

As we see increasing numbers of pregnant women and newborns being disenrolled from Medicaid, a new study adds to evidence of long-term benefits of Medicaid investments– this time for the grandchildren and children of pregnant women and their newborns. For many years, CCF has highlighted the growing research on the long-term health and educational impacts […]

Legislative Roundup: Eight states now committed to multi-year continuous eligibility for young children as Colorado, Minnesota and Ohio pass new legislation

The unwinding continues to dramatically showcase children’s loss of health care despite the fact that most likely remain eligible. Amid the worse-than-expected disenrollments among children due to red tape and insufficient communication, one bright spot is that more states are seeking CMS approval to reduce administrative burden on families by adopting 2-to-5 year continuous eligibility […]