Permanent Medicaid Postpartum Coverage Option, Maternal Health Infrastructure Investments in 2022 Year-End Omnibus Bill

Congress made several improvements to maternal health policy in the year-end Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2022, signed by President Biden on December 29, which both solidify eligibility for extended Medicaid postpartum coverage and bolster the health system’s capacity to serve new mothers. These policy changes come alongside other Medicaid and CHIP provisions in the Omnibus […]

Transparency in Medicaid Managed Care: The Power of the California Procurement Database

The Illinois Answers Project has just published a must-read piece of investigative reporting:  “Insurance Giant Failed Foster Kids with Inadequate Care.”  It raises a number of disturbing questions about the way children in foster care are being treated in the state’s Medicaid managed care program.  About the performance of a Centene subsidiary that has contracted […]