Premiums & Cost-sharing

Premiums & Cost-sharing

Build Back Better Act: Health Coverage Provisions Explained

On November 19, 2021, the House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act, the budget reconciliation bill, with the Senate expected to consider the legislation in coming weeks. The Build Back Better Act includes numerous provisions that would dramatically strengthen and expand both public and private health insurance coverage. Some of the new provisions […]

New CMS Rule Would Weaken Families First Continuous Coverage Protection in Medicaid

On October 28, the Trump Administration announced that it would weaken the current continuous coverage protection for Medicaid beneficiaries by permitting states to cut or scale back benefits and increase cost-sharing charges. The Families First COVID-19 relief legislation provided a temporary 6.2 percentage point increase in the federal Medicaid matching rate (FMAP) through the end […]

Waive, Suspend, Delay, Eliminate, Forgive CHIP Premiums? Semantics Matter for Families who Need Fiscal Relief from COVID-19 Impacts

As families lose their jobs and employer-sponsored health insurance, eliminating Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) premiums is a great way to provide continuity of coverage for children and fiscal relief for families. But there may be a catch. While some states are submitting state plan amendments to waive collection of premiums or temporarily halt disenrollments […]

Hot Off the Press: Annual KFF 50-State Survey on Medicaid

This 17th annual KFF survey and key resource for Medicaid stakeholders reports eligibility, enrollment, renewal and cost-sharing policies in place as of January 2019 for children, pregnant women, parent/caretakers, and low-income adults in Medicaid and CHIP. Like the previous year, for the most part states continued to refine their efforts in delivering a streamlined, data-driven […]