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States Step Up to Protect Consumers in Wake of Cuts to ACA Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments

This post from the Center on Health Insurance Reforms originally appeared on the Commonwealth Fund blog. On October 12, President Trump announced he would discontinue reimbursements to insurance companies for Affordable Care Act (ACA) cost-sharing reduction (CSR) plans offered through the health insurance marketplace. Ending the CSR reimbursements is projected to cost insurers $8 billion […]

It’s Not Time to Give Away Consumer Protections for Cost-Sharing Reduction Reimbursements

A whirlwind of activity following the White House announcement that cost-sharing reduction (CSR) reimbursements would no longer be made has culminated, at least for now, in a bipartisan agreement in the Senate to appropriate the payments for two years. While the legislation negotiated by Senators Alexander and Murray had 24 co-sponsors as of October 19, it is unclear […]

Health care reform efforts complicate CHIP extension

Special Education Connection Efforts in Congress to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program have begun to steer off course as some lawmakers want to attach other health care reform proposals to the CHIP legislation. … “If we can’t extend CHIP, it will put undue stress on kids and families and that will have a ripple […]

Pay for health coverage for kids? Not so fast | Editorial

There’s no more glaring example of this basic failure of governance than the expiration this past weekend of federal funding of the Children’s Health Insurance Program and other critical safety-net programs that provide services to hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians and millions more people nationwide. … In Pennsylvania, 176,241 children receive services through CHIP, a joint federal […]