Texas, this mismanaged Medicaid system is not how we’re supposed to treat our most vulnerable citizens

Dallas News

There is, or should be, a guiding principle in our society that holds that the most fragile and vulnerable people among us should be protected. This week, in a detailed and shocking five-part series, the news division of this newspaper revealed how that principle is being discarded for far too many people in our state’s Medicaid system. The series, “Pain and Profit,” is hard reading because it details the tough experience tens of thousands of Texans have had in the state’s managed-care Medicaid system.

Texas is by no means alone with problems with its managed-care system, says Andy Schnieder, a professor and researcher at Georgetown University’s health policy institute for children and families. But it might find solutions and guidance from some states that are doing things right. Some tools already exist. Texas just has to use them.

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