Analysis Finds Oklahoma’s Proposed Medicaid Work Requirements Would Mostly Affect Poorest Mothers

Public Radio Tulsa

By: Matt Trotter

More than three-fourths of the nearly 6,200 people that would be subject to Oklahoma’s proposed Medicaid work requirements are mothers.

An analysis of Oklahoma’s proposal by the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families and Oklahoma Policy Institute found 78 percent of the 6,193 adults the work requirements would apply to are mothers. They’re most likely to be white and are more likely to live in rural areas and small towns. And they will be in deep poverty, most earning less than $400 a month for a family of three. “Now, most importantly, the vast majority — 85 percent — of these parents have been in the workforce or have a family member that has been in the workforce over the past six months,” said CCF Executive Director Joan Alker.

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