2015 Annual Conference

Georgetown CCF’s 2015 Annual Conference: July 21-23, 2015

We hope you enjoyed this year’s conference! You can find much of the following resources on your USB sticks, but as promised, we will also be uploading slides and additional resources that were discussed in sessions.

Agendas, Participant List, Speaker Bios, and Evaluation Form

Pre-Conference Agenda

Main Conference Agenda

Participants List

Plenary Speaker Biographies

Evaluation Form (If you have not done so already, please fill out. We truly value your feedback!)

Pre-Conference: Medicaid Managed Care 101

Managed Care 101- Combined Speaker Slides

Welcome and Review of Past Year

Joan’s Opening Slides

Creating Space for the Whole Family: Two-Generation Approaches to Health Care

Olivia Golden’s Slides

Liane Wong’s Slides

Two Generation Additional Resource 1

Two Generation Additional Resource 2

Two Generation Additional Resource 3

Two Generation Additional Resource 4

Updating the Building Code: Modernizing Medicaid Managed Care Regulations

Updating the Building Code- Combined Speaker Slides

Engineering the Future of Medicaid

Cindy Mann’s Presentation

Inspector’s Report: Measuring and Strengthening Health Care Quality for Children in Medicaid and CHIP

Tricia Brooks’ Quality Slides

CMS Quality of Care Webpage

2014 Report on Medicaid and CHIP Child Core Set and Summary Chartpack

Negotiating with the Contractor: Medicaid Expansion and Waivers

Adam Searing’s Slides

Miriam Harmatz’s Slides

Sweating the Hard Stuff: Account Transfers, Renewals, and Churn

Sweating the Hard Stuff- Combined Speaker Slides

Cementing Growth: Coverage and Access for Adolescents

Alisa Chester’s Slides

Hayley Lofink Love’s Slides

Donna Cohen-Ross’s Slides

Reinforcing the Foundation and Building Upward: The Future of Children’s Coverage Programs

Robin Rudowitz’s Slides

Robin Rudowitz Additional Resource

Academic Pediatrics Supplement on CHIP and Medicaid