Rural Health Policy Project

State Data on Seniors’ Health Coverage in Small Towns and Rural Areas

The state-specific downloads in the table below show county-level data on seniors’ Medicaid coverage for the time periods 2008/09 and 2014/15. Data on children is available here, data on non-elderly adults can be found here, and data on the total non-elderly population (children and non-elderly adults combined) can be found here.

For more information on Medicaid coverage for seniors, see Medicaid’s Role for Seniors Living in Small Towns and Rural America.

State Seniors’ County Level Medicaid Data
Alabama Data (XLS)
Alaska Data (XLS)
Arizona Data (XLS)
Arkansas Data (XLS)
California Data (XLS)
Colorado Data (XLS)
Connecticut Data (XLS)
Florida Data (XLS)
Georgia Data (XLS)
Hawaii Data (XLS)
Idaho Data (XLS)
Illinois Data (XLS)
Indiana Data (XLS)
Iowa Data (XLS)
Kansas Data (XLS)
Kentucky Data (XLS)
Louisiana Data (XLS)
Maine Data (XLS)
Maryland Data (XLS)
Michigan Data (XLS)
Minnesota Data (XLS)
Mississippi Data (XLS)
Missouri Data (XLS)
Montana Data (XLS)
Nebraska Data (XLS)
Nevada Data (XLS)
New Hampshire Data (XLS)
New Mexico Data (XLS)
New York Data (XLS)
North Carolina Data (XLS)
North Dakota Data (XLS)
Ohio Data (XLS)
Oklahoma Data (XLS)
Oregon Data (XLS)
Pennsylvania Data (XLS)
South Carolina Data (XLS)
South Dakota Data (XLS)
Tennessee Data (XLS)
Texas Data (XLS)
Utah Data (XLS)
Vermont Data (XLS)
Virginia Data (XLS)
Washington Data (XLS)
West Virginia Data (XLS)
Wisconsin Data (XLS)
Wyoming Data (XLS)

Note: Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia are excluded from the table above because less than 2 percent of their non-elderly residents live in counties that are micropolitan or noncore. For more information on methods, see Medicaid in Small Towns and Rural America: A lifeline for Children, Families, and Communities.